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 Two generations passing by on the dividing line which plagues our world. The man—set in his ways, unconcerned with...

KSHM Project Part 1

29 January 2016

KSHM Project Part 1.


As some of you may know. Myself Karl Strand and writer Henry Martin have joined creative forces.

 Henry is an author residing in the USA. Who's quote I used as a description after an all night processing session pondering at the wee hours of Saturday morning for a title for my image Eluding Reality. Yes that is right. I sit and ponder to come up with the titles for my images sometimes for a day or so. Adriano and myself both stared at the image on the screen, brainstorming, thinking this image needs a striking title, not a pretty one.

The thought of "reality" something was lurking my thoughts, Adriano saying it's very "eluding"

Bam! Eluding Reality it is... wait, better google that to see what comes up?
Well what did come up was the quote I used as a description for my image. Of Course crediting Mr Henry Martin.

A few weeks later I receive a Facebook message from an Andrea. Speaking of a Henry Martin.. oh that's the quote I used. It contained a link.

Since the crossing of paths Henry and I have been passing a few emails back and forth coming about a joint project.It is in the very early stages so far. As Henry has mentioned we have 14 time zones separating us. So Messages take time.I have also been out and about shooting all over the place. Back on track now. Henry I know I have been a bit distant mate. But I haven't forgot about you and our project.

For all those into e-readers and kindles check out some of Henry's work. I have included some links below.
I find it extremely moving. He is a very talented writer.





 Two generations passing by on the dividing line which plagues our world. The man—set in his ways, unconcerned with either side of the division. The girl—too young to care either way. Yet, the keen observer cannot help but make a parallel between the unintended scene in the image and the reality art faces today. Competing for the public's attention, art and commercial fad coexist side by side. On one hand, a street artist gazes in concentration as he draws the images only his mind could see until now. On the other hand, an upscale boutique screams loudly with its "SALE" sign, ready to discard the old and bring in the new. Which way would you look? Such is the dilemma the artist faces today—staying true to his art has never been harder unless one is willing to sacrifice everything. 



I admire the clean sheet of paper in front of me. A pen in my hand, I make the first black stroke, and the images played in my mind's eye assume a concrete shape. Once upon a time, I, too, was a clean sheet, but those who were supposed to care left their marks on me—deep cuts that run through my consciousness yet never bleed.


As I work, people rush past me in a perplexing hurry, their eyes skipping from one ad to the next—flashing screens and shop windows demand their attention—not caring what it is that is offered, as long as their gaze never meets mine. 


I am the stain on their subconscious. 


I reach for a new pen, and give birth to a fresh line. With each stroke, a bit of my burden leaves me, and a cut closes over, leaving scars that no one can see. My art is my rebirthing, a way to simplicity I can only achieve if I shed most of what civilization has to offer. And while you keep chasing colors in the shop windows, in my new life there is only room for black and white.




To see  Henry's Mad Days of me Blog please see link below:



Keep an eye out for more post on the project to come. The project is in full swing now and we are currently up to part 4. As I have only just recently got my website up and running I am now playing catch up.


Thank you Henry for being patient with me. More blogs to come very shortly.


Cheers Karl. 



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